Wanna Know Our New Preceptor Recruiter? Meet Shazia!

Hello world! My name is Shazia and I’m thrilled to be joining the NPHub team!

I graduated from Windsor University School of Medicine 3 years ago and found myself taking more of an interest in health administration and outreach. My time throughout Medical School sometimes felt like a roller coaster. At times it was thrilling, there were occasional bumps, and once in awhile the experience may or may not have made me feel like vomiting (sorry TMI.)

It was a great journey, and one of the biggest goals for me during medical school was to continue the momentum and not have too much lag time between rotations. After all, the goal was to stay on track and obtain that coveted diploma.  Unfortunately, I learned that this was also every students’ goal and it led to much over-crowding and extended wait-times to get rotations with the reputable doctors and sites. On top of that, communication with my school was sometimes difficult which led to further frustration that my timeline would be thrown off.

Now that I’ve completed school and see that this concern spans across Nursing students as well, I fully empathize and would love to be able to help find the perfect preceptors to help facilitate a great clinical experience.

NPHub puts the efficiency back into the clinical placement process so the student shouldn’t have to endure the headache but can just focus on being able to treat it.