Victoria Randle’s 5 Business Gold Nuggets from her NPHub Academy Course

Our very own Academy is in the process of getting filled with lots of courses tailored for NPs and NP students. We want to help you reach your career goals faster, and we’re very excited to start this new educational journey with you. You might already know that our first course is already available, and you can sign up to it by using this link.


The course’s name is From Bedside to Business, and the instructor is the expert nursing entrepreneur – and our very good friend – Victoria Randle. She is the creator of The Secret Cocktail, a website dedicated to helping nurses set up their own CNA Schools by tapping into all of the available resources the internet has to offer. You can learn a lot about marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal branding by signing up to NPHub Academy today.


Victoria knows what it’s like to be an NP in today’s world. She knows about the challenges that nurses are facing, and she knows a lot about setting nurse practitioners up for success. If you are unsure about taking this course, you can sign up today at the NPHub Academy website for 2 free resources: a mini-course and the exclusive YouTube Starter Guide Worksheet, valued at $197 altogether.


We already mentioned this free mini-course on our last post introducing NPHub Academy, but today we’re going to dive a little deeper on the five Gold Nuggets she offers on it, which will help you get started before you take on the full course.


#1 – The best business ideas to get started as an NP entrepreneur


The Secret Cocktail is Victoria’s response to the lack of resources available for people who want to open their own CNA training practices. She tried many approaches before deciding to help people start their own CNA schools, and she knows about a lot of business ventures that you could try yourself as a nurse practitioner. If you decide to invest in this course, you will first encounter many valuable ideas that will help you get on a business mindset.


Some examples of the best businesses to start right now, according to Victoria, include concierge medicine, education, or a simple brick-and-mortar business as a professional NP. You can see for yourself which businesses could work for you and which wouldn’t by taking the full course. We guarantee that you will have a very good idea of what you want to pursue by the end of the first video lesson.


#2 – Why YouTube is king when it comes to entrepreneurship


We can’t tell you just how important YouTube is nowadays. Victoria has her own YouTube channel for The Secret Cocktail, and she knows a thing or two about getting some followers on the largest online video platform in the world. Almost 30 million people use YouTube daily, and this number will only keep growing in the future. If you take this course, you will learn how to take advantage of this online platform to build your brand.


Now, why is it important to have a personal brand at all? Though it might seem obvious for some people, the truth is that personal branding translates into more customers for any independent entrepreneur. YouTube is a very good place to get noticed quickly and start building an audience that will result in more money coming your way.



#3 – How to get the most out of social media as an NP


Victoria will guide you through the process of making social media work in your favor. Some people believe that just posting regularly is the key to attracting followers, but that’s not where engagement lies. 


Do you know how to optimize your social media posts to make your business more attractive to people? Do you know what to show and what to keep hidden from your audience? These two questions, and many others, are answered in Victoria’s From Bedside To Business course.


Nurse practitioners have lots of skills and specialized knowledge that can be very helpful to create engaging content. Once you set up your particular business idea, the next step is to harness the power of YouTube and social media to launch your brand successfully.


#4 – Top marketing tips that you need to get started


This topic is one of the most interesting features of the course. Aside from learning about business ideas and social media, you will also learn some marketing principles that will help you achieve your goals. Marketing is more accessible today than ever, but you will still need a helping hand to navigate through the more difficult concepts. 


Victoria does a great job explaining which of these concepts you should be paying attention to right now. She makes them easy to understand and apply. After going through the lessons, you will feel a lot more comfortable using various marketing terms and developing strategies to help your business flourish.



#5 – Riches are in the niches: Finding your spot on today’s market


What is a niche? You’ll hear this word a lot in conversations about marketing. To put it simply, it is a small segment of a larger market. A niche market is something that not everybody can identify because it’s something that requires specialized knowledge. Victoria can help you find your particular niche market so you can dedicate your time and resources to a strategy that’s much more likely to be successful.


Once you find your cozy spot on today’s market, you can start putting marketing techniques into practice, and then you’ll see how your business will grow in no time. Sounds easy, right? If you watch Victoria’s full course, you will surely find it a lot easier than people who choose to start completely on their own.




‘From Bedside To Business’ is already available on NPHub Academy’s website.

The course does not feature boring or outdated things like PowerPoint presentations. You will learn through a module-to-module approach that’s intended to make it easier for you to internalize ideas and concepts.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, these courses are for nurse practitioners and NP students alike.

Visit NPHub Academy’s website and Instagram & Facebook pages to find out more about this particular course and also to keep an eye open for upcoming courses from nursing experts.