The 10 most important questions NP students might have about NPHub

“Is NPHub legit?” That might be the most frequently asked question people have before choosing our service. 


One can answer this question in many different ways, as it implies a few other questions that most people naturally have. Could you imagine a world where nobody asked questions before buying or getting into a service?


That would be a great world for many companies, but this is not the reality. That’s why, instead of dodging them, we would like to present the answer to all of them here, for you, today. There’s a good chance you might have asked some of them yourself quite recently.


We hope that these 10 questions will help you consider our service, and hopefully book your next rotation with us.


What is NPHub’s mission? What do you guys believe in?


Before presenting the 10 most important questions, we would like to answer this one as a bonus. This is because we think that this question is the key point for people to start considering NPHub. You should know where we stand.


We believe that the system for matching students with preceptors is antiquated and leaves many students behind.


We believe that we have the power to help every NP student find their ideal preceptor. We are confident that we provide a valuable service that truly helps them achieve their educational goals.


Question 1: How are you guys different from your competitors?


Great question, there are other alternatives out there. It is only natural to ask how we stand out.


NPHub is not just about matching students with preceptors. Our mission is to give students the tools to succeed in this regard.


That’s why we have a platform where you can locate and choose your own preceptors, and keep our blog and social media updated with content made specifically for NPs.


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Question 2: If I choose NPHub, what’s in it for me?


You get two things that every NP student desires: time and peace of mind. 


We take care of everything for you. The only thing you have to do is create an account and, if you want to, start looking for preceptors.


Working with NPHub will help you take a lot of stress out of the process, which in turn will help you graduate on time and make your dream of being an NP come true.


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Question 3: How do I know you guys are real?


That’s easy! You don’t have to take our word for it, but you can see what people are saying about us. There are a lot of reviews out there.


Check out some of them on our testimonials page.


Question 4: What’s holding me back?


Not so much a question, but an issue that all people have before choosing NPHub.


Right now, you might be pressed for time. You might have exhausted all your options. 


You’re looking at this page, thinking about the clinical rotations you need to do and how difficult it is to get someone to precept you.


You know that unfortunately you haven’t been able to find a preceptor on your own, and you need some help with it, so the only thing holding you back from working with NPHub might be not knowing enough about us, and this post is here to help alleviate your concerns.


Your job is to be the best nurse that you can be for your patients, not to waste your efforts trying to get a clinical site. Let us do that for you.


Question 5: Who or what is to blame for the things holding me back?


You surely agree that the system makes it harder for students to get things done. Most universities can’t or won’t help NP students find preceptors, and there’s not much transparent information online on services like ours which can support you on your preceptor search.


Can we change the system so that it isn’t unfair anymore?


The short answer is: not today. But eventually, with hard work, we will. In the meantime, we can work together to find a solution that will take as much stress and anxiety out of the equation as possible.


On our end, we’re posting a lot of information about how we can help students find clinical sites and how they can actually do it on their own. We provide a lot of resources through our social media pages, as well as our blog on posts like this one.


Question 6: Why should I choose you guys now?


Being a nurse practitioner has never been more important, but everything is changing rapidly with the pandemic, and many preceptors are becoming unavailable very fast.


You need to stay ahead of the competition, and we can help you do that. We’re working as quickly as possible to secure preceptors for you on time so that you don’t have to sit out your semester.


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Question 7: Why should I trust you guys?


Last year we got to help more than a thousand NP students, and we are currently working with almost five hundred preceptors across the country.


We guarantee that we’ve got a clinical site available for you, and if not, we’ll do out best to find it!


Also, you can always check out our reviews page for more reassurance.


Question 8: How does it work?


It’s simple. You browse our unique interactive map of available preceptors, and you choose the one that’s right for you.


Once we secure your preceptor, you send us the paperwork, we take care of that for you, and then you start getting ready for your rotations.


We guarantee it won’t take more than 2 weeks!


Question 9: How can I get started? What’s the first step?


Go to our website to browse for preceptor availability and create your NP student account. After that, our website will take you by the hand through all the steps!


Question 10: What do I have to lose?


Only a few minutes of your time. The rest is simply investing in your future.




Some of the answers are very short, but only because we try to be as honest as possible, while avoiding to double down on the sales talk. We know you’ve seen it all already.

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