Why Take An Online CME Course?

Many nurse practitioners face a challenge of completing their CME credits each year so that they can stay on track for re-certification. Medicine is changing every day and the demands of the medical provider are increasing every day. So how can we stay on top of this ever-changing field and keep our work-life balance? Technology is making this a real possibility without changing the quality of the education.

Online education is increasing access to course content that many providers would not be able to get without significant cost. When I look at the skills that I needed as a new nurse practitioner in a busy health center one of the first things I think about is dermatologic procedures. This was one thing that I did not get much in the way of hands on training for during my clinical rotations but encountered so much of in practice! This biopsy below for example is something I would not have felt comfortable with doing at all.

With online teaching and simulation the NP can get hands on training at home! You don’t need to travel to get the skills you need to feel confident as a medical provider.

In searching for options to learn the common skills you need and get CE credit for you can see the cost can be over $2,000! Not to mention having to be away from your patients and family. With online primary care skills courses you can learn all you need from home and improve your patient care.

As much as we can get frustrated with technology we can be thankful for its ability to help inform the care we provide to patients and how it can increase our skill set. Gone are the days of having to take a week off from work and pay thousands out of pocket to get the CME credit that we need and the skills we have to have to deliver top quality care to our patients.

Another concern for the nurse practitioner is learning what they need to do to keep their license in good standing. How many CE credits do you need? We will help break this down for you here:

The minimum number of required CEs is 100 contact hours and 25 of those CEs will need to be pharmacology credits. Only clinical practice and CEs completed within the current 5-year certification period will be accepted.

All APRNs—CNS & NP – are also required to complete 25 CH hours of pharmacotherapeutics as a portion of the mandatory 75 continuing education hours in the CNS or NP certification held. Clinicians renewing more than two years after their certification expiration date must complete the mandatory 75 Continuing Education Hours and category 8, provided the exam or portfolio is available

Given the number of hours that are needed by both certifying groups it is imperative that the nurse practitioner accomplishes these in an efficient way. Learning online is a great way to get these credits and keep track of them. When you choose to take these courses online you can learn when you want where you want!

Happy learning!

Mariea Snell DNP, APRN, FNP-C of ProviderSkills.com