Meet Madison, Our New Program Coordinator!

Hey, I’m Madison, the new Program Coordinator, and I’m pumped!

In 2012 I began my journey at the University of Georgia studying for my degree in Biology – I’ll admit I’m a science nerd! The plan was to go to dental school, become a dentist, and work with my mom in Atlanta dentistry market. However, that path didn’t quite work out, so I decided to switch directions and try my hand in the business world.

Soon after my 2016 graduation I began my first job as a project manager for a healthcare analytics company. I developed my skills and discovered my love for working with people, solving problems, and following projects through to completion. However, being part of a big company started to make me feel lost in the hustle and bustle of the 3000+ other employees. So when I was again on the job search I made an intentional effort to find employment where I could make more of a difference, be innovative, and be heard.

That is when I found NPCR! I was super excited to find a smaller company that is making such a major impact. Very early on I was drawn to the awesome people and the passion that they have for the work that they do. I knew I would love being a part of the team and working with our wonderful NPs and preceptors. Every day I learn something new and run a different race, and I love it! I strive to be an impactful part of this company and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for it.

My major joys in life are my dog, food, my family, and friends (in no particular order). My sweet puppy is a crazy Chihuahua mix named Zoey – she loves to play, takes rides in her stroller, and snuggle with her best friend (a stuffed skunk). I also spend way too much time and money scrolling through food Instagram feeds and trying new restaurants! Most weekends you can find me doing karaoke at my favorite spot, getting brunch with my friends, or playing board games with my family.

In my free time I love re-watching Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, jamming to Beyoncé, and breaking a sweat during kickboxing classes. If I could do all three at the same time I would!

This is my story so far! I hope to be able to add travel, advanced cooking skills, and much more in the years to come.