June 20th, 2017 – Update: Tweaks to the Website and Use of Social Media

Hey, everyone! Wanted to take a quick update video today. Guys, I definitely, definitely wanted to share with you one of the blog posts I just finished writing for Provider Skills!

It is about leveraging yourself on social media and making sure that you’re communicating with preceptors on social media as a potential avenue.

I totally recommend trying it, especially using Facebook.

It is something that we’re doing with a lot of success, and we know you guys can do it too because, let’s face it, NPs are awesome and you’re probably awesome as well.

So give it a shot!

We are just hanging out right now, Abhi and I.

Abhi: Hey, what’s up guys?

Krish: We’re in Midtown Atlanta, and I think he wants the phone from me, so I’ll pass it over to him in a second. But it is July…no, it’s June 15th, goddamn.

Stay in touch, guys, and reach out to us if you need help. Download our Ultimate Guide. And good luck finding preceptors out there. We’re here if you need us.

Enroll Today: www.nursepractitionerclinicalrotations.com/enroll

Abhi: Hey, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up, my NP peeps.

How are you guys doing? Yeah, like Krish said, we’ve just been crushing it, knocking it out of the park here the last couple weeks. Krish went to the Philippines, I think he did an update video on that a couple days ago, and I had to hold down the fort, which can be difficult at times, I’m not gonna lie.

It’s definitely a little bit difficult when he’s not around. I think what we need here is like some type of audio that has like the audience saying, “Aww.”

Krish: That would be hilarious.

Abhi: Yeah. Actually no, we don’t need that. But, yep, as always if you guys need us, get in touch anytime. My direct email address is [email protected].

We’re adding a lot more to the site. We just put up a cool little “Resources” section and it’s a really easy way to get that Ultimate Guide.

We’ve been getting a lot of good feedback about that!

But, it’s not done yet! We need your ideas on how we can improve it as well.

What else do you wanna see in that guide that will make your life significantly easier? Let us know and we’ll put it in there, we promise. Outside of that, that wraps up this video. If you have any other questions, get in touch. The best way to do that is to go to www.nursepractitionerclinicalrotations.com. I swear, that was not my idea, all Krish’s idea.

Krish: We’re working on the name.

Abhi: We’re totally not working on the name. See you guys.

Krish: Time to re-brand.

Abhi: Hell No!