June 12th, 2017 – Update: It’s Been Quite A While – New Cities

Hey everyone!

It’s been a little while since I’ve shot an update video for you guys. It is June 12th, and I feel like I just need to get behind the camera again! A lot has been happening behind the scenes and I’m really excited to share it.

Here are the updates

Number 1: Additional validation from a program director!

We had the opportunity to speak with a program director for a nurse practitioner program in Georgia, and it was incredible.

It really validated a few of the things that we’re doing, which is: Putting out additional content and value for you guys with the NP ultimate guide to finding your own rotation.

Please, please, please if you have not downloaded it yet, go to our website and get it.

It is exactly what we used to source preceptors by ourselves, and the truth is, are we really do think it’s gonna bring you guys massive benefit, which is why we pour a lot of effort into it!

I don’t want to be cliché and say we poured our heart and soul into it, but it’s a lot in there!

Number 2: The Nurse Practitioner Ultimate Guide

The NP guide it’s getting some great reviews so far. We’re getting quite a few downloads, and I think students are really starting to understand how to better give themselves a framework for finding their own rotations.

The biggest thing to consider, and this was a realization while I was writing this blog post for one of our partners, Providers Skills, is when nurse practitioner students are calling preceptor clinics, it is challenging for anyone to ever say “Yes”.

The reason is not because preceptors or clinic administrators are bad people, or they don’t want to precept, or they only care about money.

I promise you it’s not that at all.

It’s because clinics are exceptionally busy, and it’s the easy decision is to say “No”.

Consider this: If someone calls you and you’re on the phone, and on the way to class, and your job is calling you, if someone calls you, you’re either not gonna pick up or say, “Hey, I’m gonna call you later. Bye.”

It’s the same mentality when you’re getting 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 calls a day from different students who want rotations. Believe me guys, try leveraging social media.

You want to reach out to preceptors who can respond back on their own time.

The truth is that any preceptor right now, especially the ones between 30 and 55 is actually spending a ton of time on social media, whether it’s during dinner, or god forbid, on their drive home from work, they’re on social media.

Reach out to them there and I promise you’re gonna see more responses to your requests!

Number 3: What cities are we currently in, and which cities are next?

You all know that we started in Atlanta, and then branched out to D.C., which was super awesome! From there, we went out to New York, Chicago, and then Florida.

Now we’re actually pushing west. So my West Coast people, you’re going to start getting some love. We’re hitting up L.A. right now. We have quite a few preceptors available there. And afterwards, Texas is another big market for us.

There are a lot of NP students right now who are saying that there’s a lot of need right now in the Austin/San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas areas!

We’re doing everything we can to hit that area next and really grow that for you guys.

If you need us, please, please get in touch. We have some automation on our website, to try to make it super easy.

We’re always trying to improve the process and put you our nurse practitioner students first.

I think if there’s one thing I can say about us, it’s that I think we will continue doing what we need to be doing and we’ll be doing it well, as long as the student are coming first.

I think we’re getting some great reviews right now from other students, especially in the Maryland area are showing a lot of love!

I appreciate that!

Atlanta’s the same way, and I just appreciate it.

Hit us up if you have any questions, any comments just wanna chat, we’re here. And if you need advice, also feel free to reach out as well.



Krish Chopra