Who is Jon? Chicago/NYC Updates

Hey, everyone. This is our second business developed update video on how this process of growing out nurse practitioner clinical rotations is going. And I’m really excited; this was a really good week because we have been able to start expanding.

Initially, we wanted to work in Georgia and the D.C. metro area (Baltimore, D.C, and Virginia)! The reason is because well, we’re based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The second reason is because one of our partners: Jon!

Who is Jon?

If you are looking for rotations in cities other than Atlanta, then you’ll probably speak with him a lot. Jon, Abhi, and I have really stepped up our programs in D.C, and I’ve actually traveled up to Washington D.C, Baltimore, and even parts of Virginia and met a lot of our preceptors.

It’s been awesome.

Chicago and New York Updates
Since then, now we’re actually adding rotations in Chicago. We’re probably up to about 10 different sites, so maybe about 15 placements, 20 placements, we’re growing out of New York City which I’m excited about because I’m from New York and it selfishly gives me an excuse to go home a bit more.

But, we’re actually focusing on the entire New York City metro area so areas in New Jersey and Connecticut.

The reason is for twofold:

  1. It’s always good to have a lot of different placements in different areas and in a city that’s very dense, traveling 10 miles might be difficult. If you’re in the Bronx or you’re in Queens, you don’t want go all the way to New Jersey for a clinical rotation. Even though it’s only like ten miles apart. It’s all going to be tough.
  1. There are a few NP students from specific universities such as Kaplan University that aren’t allowed do rotations in New York specifically. The state itself doesn’t allow it, so these students will have to go to a neighboring state which is okay because it’s a tri-state area.

Gist: New York and Chicago Preceptorships and Clinical Site buildouts are coming along well

Our Miami and Florida Program

Students right now are really interested in Miami clinical placements, and a couple of students have expressed interest in the Tampa area! We’ve always stepped away from Florida, but we’re listening to you all and Jon is on it.

We’re super excited, and so far we have about five placements there in Miami and about 10 total in Florida!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. We always vet new clinical sites and preceptors for quality and proper credentialing.

Future Cities We Are Considering!

If you have thoughts let us know! We need you feedback!

We’re considering California next just so we can represent the West Coast.

If have any thoughts, please get in touch!

You know how to reach us, you know where we are. It’s nursepractitionerclinicalrotations.com, it is a mouthful but I promise it’s effective.