How to Find Preceptors Using Twitter (2020 Edition)

Twitter can help you find the preceptor you’ve been tirelessly looking for, and today we will explain you how!

You probably use your twitter as some kind of public diary, or tweet about news or just memes. You’ve probably never seen the platform as something more than a place to rant.

Today, we’re here to tell you that instead of tweeting out your frustration for not finding a preceptor, you can actually find one there.

We’re totally serious. This could be the final round on your preceptor search, so hear us out!

We’ve found, especially in the last 2 years, engaging potential preceptors on social media provides the best ROI (Return of Investment) timewise. Additionally, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians want to help students, but when you’re reaching out to them at work, it’s easier for them to say NO as a natural response.

It’s not their fault; however.

The state of healthcare is such that right now most practicing NPs and MDs are required to see between 2.5-3 patients per hour, and that’s incredibly taxing on the preceptors. The biggest reason to continue outreach on social media is because you’re reaching out to preceptors on a platform where they are spending their free time, which means they’re most likely to respond you, and in a good mood, if you reach out correctly.

In marketing, there’s a framework of “following the attention of your end users.” Applying this to your search for clinical rotations is critical.

These days, most people spend a significant portion of their free time on social media, so this seems like a one way winning strategy!

So, how can you understand and master Twitter? A great analogy is considering Twitter is a large, busy coffee shop where you can strike up conversations with anyone. Since on Twitter you can Direct Message most people, it’s best to keep the “ask” very short and sweet.

Here’s an example:

Twitter Direct Message (DM)

The benefit of short messages is that they’re quick and easy to digest.

Another good thing to consider is that, as we said before, most individuals have Twitter on their phones and would likely receive these messages directly to their phone.

We understand this may sound scary, but give it a shot! It’s significantly easier to strike up a conversation on Twitter than other social mediums; however, most people don’t take advantage. Try it for a few days and see how good it can work!

Some additional tips:

  • Tweet to preceptors directly asking for advice instead of a preceptorship. The reason this approach works is because tweets are public, and people are much more likely to be accommodating and nice if others are watching, especially if you are being genuine.
  • Make sure your profile is clean, interesting, and appropriate prior to messaging Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. No one wants to see any extreme opinions.

We know finding your own clinical rotation can be incredibly hard and frustrating! Try connecting through social networks like Twitter to simplify the process.

You’re just a few steps away from your goal. Follow our advice and don’t give up!

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