How to find a preceptor: 4 quick ways to get started

It’s been a crazy year for everybody, including NP students, and today we want to tackle one of the hardest issues NP students have to deal with on regular times and even more during COVID times, which is: finding a preceptor.


There are many ways for you to begin your search. You can sign up for NP organizations in your area, use social media, or look for preceptors on your own in the traditional way (cold-calling and cold-emailing).


We have written lots of how-to guides earlier on this topic, but today we selected the quickest ways for you to get started on this journey.


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1. Get on LinkedIn right now!


There was a time, maybe a decade ago, in which we were all getting emails from LinkedIn to sign up to their platform, and nobody paid any attention to them. 


Everything has changed now, and LinkedIn has become the number one platform to find jobs, professional contacts, and (in the case of NP students) available preceptors.


If you want to know how to find a preceptor using LinkedIn, here’s the first thing you need to do: you need to get in there and create a kickass profile that really showcases your skills and your achievements.


LinkedIn is going to be the best platform to do some serious networking in 2021. Maybe you’ll even get the chance to go to some networking events once all the pandemic mess is over!



2. How to find a preceptor via cold calling


This is the most traditional way of looking for preceptors is just picking up the phone and calling the clinics in your area. 


Not everybody is on social media, so this is a great way to find some leads. Also, in our experience, we’ve seen very few people like cold calling, but others don’t have a problem with it. Some people even enjoy it! 


Searching for a preceptor in this way is also really good for you to practice presenting yourself as a nurse practitioner. If you get the chance to talk to a preceptor, or an office manager, you can rehearse talking about what makes you a great NP.


3. Take advantage of social media


Almost every social network out there can become a tool for you to find available sites for your clinical rotations. But the real issue is: Where do you get started? Which social media platform should you use?


We like to suggest that you take advantage of all of them. Sending a well crafted direct message via Instagram can work well. The same goes for Twitter, though you might want to keep that one as your last resort.


Start here: How to Use Social Media to Find Preceptors


After you’ve read that article, start looking into the things that can make your social media profile stand out.


On that note, we like to say that Facebook is king when it comes to searching for available preceptors. We even have an exclusive NPHub Facebook group that you can join right now for free where we give you updates on preceptor availability and promo codes to book preceptors with us!



4. Find a preceptor right now with NPHub


Last, but not least, we’d like to offer our services to you. We work hard to match every NP student with a preceptor that fits their needs. 


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