Education-based Marketing: Building Trust before Getting Sales

Advertising is everywhere. From the moment you wake up and check your phone to the moment you finally close your laptop and call it a day. More and more people today choose to ask Google about which product or service to buy. They don’t click the ads anymore.


People conduct their own research. Then, they go back to a particular brand’s website to buy something. They are also looking at various providers at the same time. We are sure you have been one of them, at some point during the day.


This is a good thing: customers nowadays are more empowered than ever. Companies like NPHub want to be on the frontlines of this new way of thinking. We want to answer two questions that all clients tend to have:


  1. What makes you different from your competitors?
  2. Why should I trust you and what you’re saying?


We include a specific approach in our media called education-based marketing. The idea is to provide our clients with trustworthy services. (A little, honest disclaimer: we are not so different from other companies when it comes to sales. We still use ads and do things like sending emails or calling people. But this is only a small part of our business strategy).


Setting nurse practitioners up for success


We want to differentiate our brand by helping customers learn about their options. Our main goal is to build trust between you and us. To do this, for example, we have a guide dedicated to helping NPs find their own clinical rotations. We also have a secondary guide to help private businesses to market themselves. Instead of endlessly searching websites for the right answer to those matters on Google, we want you to come to us.


We also create blog posts, informational emails, and newsletters. All designed to help you find answers. Some people call educational marketing the opposite of regular marketing practices, and they do this with good reason. It’s not so much about selling you a service as it is about giving you the tools to succeed.


However, this helps to make the decision process easier for you, which in turn helps us improve our sales. It’s definitely a win-win situation. Educational marketing at NPHub aims to give nurse practitioners and businesses valuable insights. Information that can help them advance their careers, ideas, or lifestyles.


Helping you find out what works for you


We believe companies can build a relationship based on trust, not hearsay or sales talk. That’s how you ensure people come back. If you want to become (or are becoming) a nurse practitioner, we want to be useful to you. If you have your own private practice, we want to help you get noticed.


There is a good chance you’ll see hundreds of clickable ads as you browse the web. All those ads are the result of marketing efforts (some good, some not so good). Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people click on ads. But you have to ask yourself: How do these ads help me achieve my goals? What am I getting in return for that click?


The answer is, usually, not that much. You would do better perusing digital platforms that provide you with valuable information. Some examples of useful content can be:


  1. Online tips and useful resources in the real world. Education-based marketing goes beyond the scope of the web.
  2. News and latest events. There is a big world outside of the service you provide and your audience. If we are all informed, we are more prepared to make good decisions.
  3. Content for learning and thinking. Something that they don’t teach you at school. Something you didn’t know you needed to know. Something that you know (and love). The possibilities are endless!


This is the type of information we want to offer people. You can check out our social media and YouTube channel to see for yourself. We have videos about finance for students, marketing, and much more. The same goes for our Facebook page, and our Instagram.


At the end of the day, no matter what you read, you have to make a decision on what’s best for you and your career. Not everything ends with a single click. We encourage you (and we’ll always do so) to do your own research.