A Quick Note About Mentorship!


Hey everyone!

I wanted to talk a little bit about mentorship. This is because I had this amazing conversation with Rachel Crow, who’s one of our advisors. She’s in the DNP program at Georgetown and she works at Chop Hospital in Philly. Shout out to her. I’ve known her since college.

We were talking a lot about mentorship and why nurse practitioners tend to have maybe lower job satisfaction in your first few years out of your NP program and it’s because of a lack of role models and resources in order to kind of be able to address the challenges of a new graduate, right? So some of these challenges are isolation, feeling inadequacy in the wood and the job that you’re doing kind of transitioning from that theory of nursing you learn a lot about when you’re in school into actually being a practitioner now, right? A provider.

So, one of the biggest things -and I’ve read a lot about the subject- is understanding there’s two types of mentorship relationships. And even if you identify someone that’s shy or maybe unsure of kind of how to develop a mentor relationship, a great way is to understand that you can also be a mentee from afar. And when I say that, I mean you can observe people’s behavior, you can observe either people you look up to in the industry or other people around the country or anyone, like a professor or a future boss, someone in a position where you can imagine yourself being and mimic behavior, right? So this fits really well for anyone who identifies as an introvert, or might be shy. Someone who maybe has trouble walking up to someone and it’s like “hey I’m gonna call you when I need career advice”, you know, maybe are more so on the side where you’re unsure how to develop that relationship or you are living in a smaller community where you don’t have a lot of these people who are similar to you around.

Find some people on social media and start observing their behavior, to find some nurse practitioners who have done some amazing work that you really admire and you can learn from them by seeing what they’ve done in observing their behavior. Other than that, definitely stay in touch, you know, watch out for our rebrand. It’s really exciting and I’ll see everyone soon.


Krish Chopra