Krish Chopra’s Radio Interview

Krish was present as a guest on the SSN radio station, in the show hosted by Tamika Lynn, in which some topics were discussed to get to know our company and the services we offer.

Throughout his participation, Krish explained the importance of our services for the nurse practitioner students and the great commitment that he and all the members of this company have in giving a high-quality service.

This company represents a great help for those students who may not have the ability to socialize and sell themselves, which – for Krish – is a skill that can be developed by anyone but it requires time and experience. Our services also represent a great help for those students who have a large number of responsibilities, which can represent problems of time to get a preceptor.
In addition, Krish announced a current project which seeks to develop an application that will allow students to get a preceptor in a matter of minutes, amazing right?

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